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Zuora powers global Media & Entertainment brands with a centralized platform to deliver seamless subscription experiences.

Goodbye banner ads. Hello subscription-based revenue.

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Monetize content creatively

Design monetization strategies to acquire and retain subscribers. Employ recurring, usage based, or metered a la carte pricing, and tailor billing frequencies to match your subscriber’s preferences. Easily spin up new content bundles on a dime.

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Speak to the world

With built-in internationalization capabilities – including 180+ currencies, 35+ payment gateways, tax connectors and global compliance, – your expansion opportunities are limitless. Let millions of subscribers around the world binge on your content without sacrificing performance or scale.
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Unleash omnichannel experiences ​

Give your subscribers the flexibility to manage subscriptions through any channel including web, sales, service, partners, app store and more. Charges are rated and billed every time so you’ll never have to worry about burdening your service teams with billing calls again.
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Get continuous feedback

Immerse yourself in actionable insights to inform your every decision. Out-of-the-box subscription metrics include subscriber growth, churn, and more. Fine tuning your rate plans, bundles, and even win back strategies are now easier than ever.

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Say goodbye to passive churn

Put your collections processes on autopilot with state-of-the-art collections tools to tailor your payment retry strategies and prioritize day-to-day activities. Not only will you increase operational efficiencies, you’ll be able to save your subscribers from passively churning.
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Elevate every touchpoint

Build seamless subscription experiences that operate in sync. With a centralized platform, you can orchestrate processes across multiple applications such as customer communications, entitlements and provisioning, or even auto applying grace periods for your premium subscribers.

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“Overnight, new subscription conversions improved by 30% and retention by 25%.”

– Curtis Huber, Senior Director, Circulation and Audience Revenue at The Seattle Times

Zuora’s cloud-based solutions helped The Seattle Times launch an easy, digital sign-up process, process payments, and manage readers through their entire subscriber lifecycle.
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