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Ready to be a Subscription Economy expert?

however you use Zuora products, we've got you covered

Zuora University is for everyone

Choose the training type that fits your needs

Self-paced learning

If you're ready to tackle training on your own, choose a path and get started

Subscription-based training for customers

Subscription-based training and certifications, for those who use and administer Zuora products

Free training for customers

A free selection of foundational courses, for those who only need to know the basics before getting started

Subscription-based training for implementers

Advanced coursework and certification tracks, for those who implement Zuora products

Instructor-led training

If self-paced learning doesn't meet your needs, we've got you covered

Virtual Classes

Live-taught for real-time learning, hosted remotely by Zuora’s Product Education team

Customized in-person training

Due to COVID-19, we are not currently offering in-person training; please reach out to training@zuora.com with any questions